Customer Experiences

‘I have known Paul Short of A J Short & Associates Ltd well for more than 15 years. Not only has he advised me effectively on multiple insurance, life cover and property matters, but he has also deepened the relationship by serving multiple members of my extended family. Paul brings experience, passion, deep industry knowledge and a can-do attitude to all of our engagements. A tough, resilient, loyal and gregarious character – always fun to deal with too!’

Patrick Coveney, Ranelagh, Dublin 6


‘We have been with AJ Short & Associates for 15 years now and have always found everyone in the team to be extremely friendly, accessible and professional. The consistently high level of personalized attention we have received over that time has been remarkable. We chose AJ Short & Associates as they came highly recommended to us; based on our positive experience with them we never hesitate to recommend them to friends and colleagues who are in need of any financial products or advice’.

Eric Heffernan  MB BCH NUI & Susan Heffernan, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow


‘Thank you so much for your incredible help throughout this journey.  As I said a few times it has been completely stress free.  This experience has been such a positive one.  You took all the hassle away from me with efficiency and good humour.  I will recommend you to anybody, your help has no price really. Thank you for holding my hand all along’.

Yvonne Colucci, Director Odyssey International Incentives & Meetings.


‘I would like to thank you for the prompt and courteous way you and you company AJ.Short  handled the recent claim on our medical insurance .We were very happy with the outcome. We have been now dealing with your company since the late nineties and have always found your handling of our affairs most professional and we would be happy to recommend A.J. Short to anybody for advise on the financial and insurance products your firm offers’ .

Charles & Eilish Hinde.


‘Lisa, Just wanted to thank you so much for all your attention and guidance.  It was a real pleasure to be introduced to you and I hope we continue this friendship-relationship. I really appreciate your financial planning analysis and look forward to referring business your way’.

Yvonne Kennedy, Deputy Global Head of Wholesale, BNP Paribas


‘Lisa , Just wanted to say a proper thank you for all your help with my personal affairs over the past while. You are always so helpful and so good at your job.  I don’t know what I’d do without you. I have come to rely on your expertise’.

Tara MacMahon  


‘Lisa, Thank you so much for all your help and hard work over the past year.  We are delighted  and couldn’t have achieved it all without your guidance and expertise’.

Mags O’ Sullivan – Marketing Executive.  Irish Film Board


‘I have been lucky enough to benefit from financial services and advice from Paul and his team at AJ Short and associated for nearly 20 years during which time my personal circumstances have changed almost as much as the general economic climate in Ireland. Throughout my satisfaction with the support I have received has grown and left me deeply grateful for my assertion with all involved’.

‘Paul has helped me get a mortgage for a starter home when I tried to get onto the property ladder, guided me through the complexities of re-mortgaging that house so that I could fund advanced training as a doctor in the USA and helped me with moving on to what I hope will be my final family home. He even helped finance renovations to the house during the biggest of the upheavals of the property crash. As a doctor the amount of time I can devote to the myriad of financial decisions that one is faced with is limited and I am all too aware of the lack of expertise I bring to the table. With Pauls help I have always felt that I had an expert and trusted advisor to guide me along the way and have thankfully avoided many of the pitfalls that could catch the unwary’.

‘While I am in no way an investor there are times when investing becomes a necessity like when managing pensions as someone who is self employed. Paul was able to bring knowledge of my personality and likely approach to risk to ensure that these things were always well within my personal comfort zone. That these investments have thus far proved extremely wise in the face of multiple pressures testifies to the excellence of the advice received’.

‘Paul and his team have also been invaluable in managing the various insurance policies that I have found I have needed. Apart from the usual home and life policies they have shown an awareness of specific requirements and situations that can only come about as a result of the efforts they make to get to know clients personally. For example as a surgeon whose livelihood depends on maintaining specific skills that could easily be lost in an accident he has ensured adequate and appropriate income protection. He has even negotiated reduced premiums in light of my increasing experience as a private pilot’!

‘I have had the opportunity to refer friends, family and colleagues to Paul for advice. All have been more than satisfied with their experience so I would have no hesitation making further recommendations. When I first met Paul he was offering to broker my first mortgage. This was in the heady days of enthusiastic loaning and I asked Paul why I should use a broker when the banks were falling over themselves to loan money. He answered that using his services would cost me nothing but that he hoped that my experience of his efficiency and professionalism would prompt me to use his services for future financial needs. This proved prophetic and indeed I have been extremely happy to have Paul by my side ever since. I have definitely profited financially but perhaps more importantly my sense when dealing with Paul is that I am being helped by a trusted friend’.

Keith Synnott MB BCh UDubl FRCSI, Clontarf, Dublin 3


“As an individual I was always careful to make sure we had basic insurance policies in place however policies such as Life Assurance and income protection were very low on my list of priorities.  With some gentle persuasion I was finally convinced to take out some additional policies. Then the recession hit and I felt that I was paying what seemed like alot of money on insurance that could be spent on other necessities.  As I was extremely healthy and had never missed a days work through sickness in my whole career, the temptation to cancel policies such as life assurance and income protection was great and seemed like the sensible solution to free up some disposable income.

I was strongly advised not to cancel these policies. I reluctantly took this advice , all the while wondering why I was wasting my money……

Then in December 2013 our worlds got turned upside down when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and tumour behind my eye preventing me from being able to return to work.

I would not qualify for Life Assurance given my condition but thankfully I didn’t cancel my policy.  Without income protection we would find it extremely difficult if not impossible to survive financially.

Nobody knows what the future holds. These policies seem like a waste of money until you actually need them.  We will be eternally grateful to AJ Short & Associates for their strong and sound advice. We would be in  a very different place without it ”

Sandra Smyth- Neville


A huge thank you to Lisa at A.J. Short and Associates, she helped us immensely when we were looking to buy a house in 2014/5.

Lisa was always extremely helpful, friendly & professional.  Knowing this and the fact that she always got back to us when we had any questions/concerns was of great comfort  and really helped during the process of buying a house taking away a lot of the stress.

We therefore 100% recommend Lisa and when any friends or family tell us that they are looking to buy a new property we will be passing Lisa’s details to them with the highest of endorsements.

Simon & Angelina Wilde