Savings & Investment

People save for various reasons

  • Investing funds that have been inherited, saved or earned
  • Establishing a fund for your children’s education
  • Investing your Tax-free lump sum at retirement
  • Building up of a ‘Rainy Day’ / Emergency Fund

Whether you are making provision for an upcoming event or just savingfor the longer-term it pays to be organised and thorough. Investment advice is a crucial element in ensuring that your funds are invested in a way that reflects your needs and attitude to risk

So you’ve made the decision that you want to invest, making sure that your money continues to work hard for you and your family. Nowcomes the next question – what do you invest in?

Because every investor is different, there is a wide choice of investment products/options available in the market place. These range from fully guaranteed (100% capital secure products) to more riskier investments such as equties/property etc.

Not only do AJ Short & Associates understand investment markets, but  we also understand that different investors have different needs – and different appetitesfor risk and reward. We promise to treat you like an individual, and to make choosing the investments that are right for you as easy as possible.

How we do this:

(1) We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions that can cater for all kinds of investors, and all different levels of appetite for risk and reward

(2) We carry out extensive research of the fund managers who shall be managing your money on an ongoing basis

(3) We make investing more cost effective for you – We do this by revieiwng your current charges on any existing investments with a view to reducing same.

(4) We make risks involved in any investment clear and understandable

TheRisk/Reward trade-off – Generally, the greater the potential return from an investment, the greater the risk that its value could fall. Choosing to invest in assets with potentially higher returns could reward you with a larger investment portfolio but could also leave you with less money than you originally invested.Choosing to invest in low risk assets will help to protect your investment from negative returns but could leave you with an investment portfolio that might not cover your future financialrequirements. The challenge is to help you achieve your goals within your Investment Portfolio at a risk level acceptable to you.

The diagram below broadly indicates the relationship between risk and return in respect of the different asset classes:


Each risk profile is explained below:


Safety investors are not prepared to take any risk with their investments. The top priority for this investor is to preserve the value of the investment. Capital security is more important than the level of return or the effect of inflation.


Cautious investors seek a lower-risk investment that will provide consistent returns that keep pace with inflation over the medium term. This investor would feel uncomfortable if he/she saw a sharp decline in the value of their investment.


Moderate investors tend to have a medium to long term time horizon. This investor believes that it is important for their investment to earn returns that are modestly higher than inflation and is willing to take on a moderate level of investment risk in order to achieve this level of return.


Growth investors expect their investment to grow significantly over the long term and are prepared to take on a higher level of risk to achieve these returns. This investor expects to experience some fluctuation in the value of their funds and accepts the risk of some capital losses.

Maximum Growth

Maximum Growth investors tend to be experienced investors that want to earn higher-than-average returns on their portfolio. This investor expects to experience considerable fluctuations in the value of their fund and accepts the risk of capital losses.

The five risk profiles will have different allocations to the various asset classes and as a result each fund will have a different level of risk.

Please use our risk profiling tool to see where on the risk scale you fit in !

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Warning: These funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.